Welcome to ZYN - The Dating App

No more swiping left or right, this is ZYN

The new and improved way of meeting people! Looking for a relationship? Maybe just looking for new friends? Or, maybe you just want to talk to new people. ZYN is the perfect app for you. We wanted to revitalize relationships and communication between people like never before. We bring speed dating and blind dating together. We don’t want users to swipe right or left because of appearances. We want people to get to know one another based off their personalities.


You get 15 min of a blank avatar to talk to him or her behind that blank avatar. Once time is up… you ZYN! Flip over the blank avatar to see who the person you enjoyed talking to so much and take it to another level! 

If time runs out and both users still want to chat before flipping the blank avatar over to see who it they are really talking to, you can always add more time to develop a better relationship. 

Overall, we want you to feel comfortable with everyone and anyone you end up chatting with. Let's ZYN!


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